More About KagedBird

About KagedBird

I work as a part time UPS Preloader, a freelancing Twitch Streamer and artist. I am 22 years old, born in 1996. I enjoy any form of water [i.e. the beach, a pool or other], reading, and singing.

  • Where can I contact you?

My business email is [].

  • Where do you see yourself in one to three years?

Still hopefully working at UPS and freelancing as a Twitch Streamer and artist. I hope to do what I do for a long time!

  • How does your work fit into the world you want to live in?

It helps keep people company on quiet days at home! There's never a day where I haven't been told by a viewer that my streams have helped them in some way or another.

  • What kinds of projects interest you?

Drawing other people's characters is always so much fun! I've always enjoyed seeing people's faces light up with art of their beautiful character, and that feeling hasn't gone away yet.

Two other projects I enjoy doing are clay sculpting and painting on a canvas. I don't ever intend to sell anything from them, but it's just a fun past time!

  • What kinds of people do you want to work with? Who are your dream clients?

My dream clients are people who are patient. Though I think that's honestly everyone's dream clients, haha! I also really love the people who tell me exactly what they want, detail by detail. As someone who pays attention to too many of them, it really helps narrow down how to make what they want exactly.

  • What do you want people to do after visiting your website (e.g., hire you, subscribe to your blog)?

Spread it around, and help me get noticed! I would love to have more clients come my way for art of their characters! Or even just to hang out during my streams to see if they like my content. It's always lovely to meet new people, regardless if they commission me or not!

  • If someone were telling a potential client about you, what would you want them to say?

I hope they at least give positive commentary of my work. My craft has taken years to build it up to where it is now, and I would hope someone would give me a recommendation for what I can do.