Year 2019
Price 1550.00

A cleric adoptable that I've been working on over the course of about a month. Was a bit of a struggle to get out the colouring, but I managed.
This adorable gnome's Spiritual Weapon is in the form of a threading needle. Used to stitch up her enemies and allies all the same.

Once adopted, you're free to change the type of cleric- grave, arcana, death, forge- whatever you'd like! But please only do that if you own her.
If you draw her in your D&D escapades, I do request you tag me so I can see! (I love D&D pieces, please share.)

SB: 15$
AB: 50$

Snipe guard 24 hours because I don't always check DA because I'm a bit busy, haha.
That being said, only note me if you have been highlighted as the winner for the bid!